Cotton and canvas bags - Cotton Barons

Label Services

Why Label

As the demand for more sophisticated cotton products is growing and our Clients are in constant search for more unique items we have decided to introduce textile labels to our range.

Such a small detail but it can play so many roles:

  • informative
  • marketing
  • decorative

There are many ways the labels can be displayed:

  • inside
  • outside
  • sewn-in into the seam
  • stitched-on onto the fabric

If your cotton product needs a more subtle way of personalization or you feel it misses an extra touch then tailor made labels is the answer.

What We Offer

Wide choice of textile labels to meet everyone's taste.

Confused? Stay assured we are going to advise you on the most suitable labels for you.

How It Works

Before the labels are done, we prepare an online proof - visualization of the product. We use Corel Draw Graphic Suite X7 programme which is one of the best graphic design softwares. The online proof needs to be approved by the buyer in order to start the label making process.

How to prepare your artwork:

Pantone C Colour Chart